We can obtain Linux components, programs and utilities from everywhere in the world. Nevertheless, it is a trouble that the documents, too, are scattered across all around the world. It is also true that some programs seem to have very poor and unkind documentations with them. I began to write this site because of those reasons, to plumb and integrate those `pieces' into my own memo, mostly through experiments on my Linux box.

Then one day, I found myself writing pages choosing words with consideration for others comprehension. I have been writing the pages with a couple of things in mind;

The focus

I hope this site can be some help when you become a Stray Penguin. It should be sort of waste that everybody dig all informations again.


qmail [ja]
PostgreSQL [ja]
BIND 9 [ja]
ntpd [ja]
NFS [ja]
Apache (httpd) [ja]
sshd [ja]
LDAP [ja]


MONIT [en] [ja]
Dynamic DNS (ddclient) [ja]
vi (vim) [ja]
logrotate [ja]
yum [ja]
tar (tarbut script) [ja]

Installation and tuning

Disk partitioning [ja]
Permissions [ja]
Various environment fitting [ja]
Iptables (fire-wall) [ja]
Iptables Tutorial (Japanese translation)
Making custom kernel [ja]
Fedora Upgrade HOWTO [ja]
Chroot jail (Jail/PAM) [ja]
KickStart [ja]


php4 [ja]
Perl (YY Board PAL) [ja]
BASH - basis of variable,array,expansion,substitution
AWK (GAWK) sample routines
Cmd Batch Tips [en]

Dongara-lin - Linux as a cutlery

Making DOS bootable CDs


Unofficial manual of SPAMBlock
CSS font definition samples


[2008/7/14] Iptables-tutorial 1.2.2 catch up.
[2006/6/17] Now Ipatables-tutorial translation is maintained in DocBook.
[2006/6/6] Added DocBook page.
[2006/5/31] Updated the Japanese translation of Iptables-tutorial to 1.2.0 according to the original book.
[2006/5/8] Revised Dynamic DNS page, caught up with ddclient v.3.6.7.
[2006/2/2] qmail: Revised various rc scripts.
[2006/1/28] BASH: Added pseudo-hash sample script.
[2006/1/27] PostgreSQL: Added performance tuning article.
[2006/1/26] MONIT: Updates and revision. Added Postgres test patch.
[2006/1] Iptables Tutorial Japanese translation appeared in Frozentux.net, site of original author. Thank you, Oskar !
[2005/11/20] Added article about ASAHI-net's SPAMBlock.
[2005/10/5] Added KickStart HOWTO. printcomps.xsl may be useful, which prints comps.xml in a comprehensible form.
[2005/9/18] qmail: Refined Japanized mailquotacheck, which now outputs mail body in JIS (ISO-2022JP)
[2005/8/23] Added AWK sample routines.
[2005/8/22] Added BASH - basis of variable, array, expansion, substitution, the sample routines to know how BASH works.
[2005/8/18] Added article about tar, including `tarbut' backup script.
[2005/8/14] Added sshd page.
[2005/8/12] Added Fedora Upgrade HOWTO.
[2005/7/26] Iptables Tutorial Japanese translation: Version 1.0.1, fixed dozens of mis-traunslations.
[2005/6/9] Added Dongara-lin - Linux as a cutlery. First contents is HOWTO about bootable CD making.
[2005/4/23] Added Apache page.
[2005/4/8] qmail: Added updated version of Japanize/Local_sender patches.
[2005/1/1] Added Perl page. Content is still poor.
[2004/11/1] Added article about NFS.
[2004/8/27] Added logrotate page.
[2004/8/22] Added Chroot jail page.
[2004/8/2] Added article about Permissions.
[2004/7/31] Added vi command quick reference.
[2004/7/26] Added Various environment fitting page. Also added Making custom kernel.
[2004/7/23] Added ntpd page.
[2004/7/18] Major cosmetic change, heavily equipped with CSS. Rename site to STRAY PENGUIN - Linux Memo.
[2004/7/1] Added Iptables Tutorial Japanese translation (Original Author: Oskar Andreasson).
[2004/4/28] Added article of BIND 9.
[2004/4/19] Added Dynamic DNS page.
[2004/4/17] Disk partitioning, qmail, PostgreSQL, MONIT, php4, Links.